Wanna Know What's On My Mind???

Putting All The Drama Behind Me!

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It's been a long year!

Lots of ups and downs, heartaches and disappointments! But, that was then and this is now!

Today... Today, I'm in a very good place and, I feel better than I have in a really long time! The anxiety that has been keeping me down has been replaced with excited enthusiasm! 

Just getting out of Knoxville and away from the toxic environment that has slowly been poisoning me for the past 11 months has brought a sense of rejuvenation and anticipation of the future ahead of me. 

I'm looking forward to this new chapter in my life! One that doesn't include back stabbing manipulative people. 

I'm not going to recount all the crappy things that have happened to me in the course of the last 18 months... instead... I am going to celebrate and rejoice in the fact that I survived them! And, I do believe that I have come out a stronger and better person for it! 

The page has been flipped and, a new chapter is about to begin!

I have made the permanent move to the Nashville area and, expect to be in my own cozy little abode in no time!

I swear... I'm not kidding when I say that I feel like there was this ominous black cloud that hung over me for the longest time and, no matter what I tried to do to shake it... I couldn't!  Finally... after a tumultuous raging storm (that had been brewing for quite some time) finally exploded... the rain was able to wash away all the toxicity and, the dark gray thunderclouds have given way to beautiful bright blue skies!

It's a great feeling!!!

So, for all of those who have tuned in each time to read my blog only to hear me whine…

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The Clock Has Ticked Down!!!

No longer seeing Knoxville Gents at this time!

I will be in Franklin TN Monday 10/16 thru Wednesday 10/18

I would really love to see some of my Nashville Friends!!!


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Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock!!!

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Times ticking away my darlings...

I'm running some great specials right now... something, that I don't normally do!!!

I am in dire straits and desperately need your help!

Not only that but, (super sad face) I haven't gotten any new erotic fodder to blog about!!!

I need some sexy dates...

C'mon Gents... help a lady out... You know I'll make it worth your while!!!



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It's Monday...

The start of a new week!

So... it's time to get crackin!!!! 

I have made some really great limited specials in order to get the money I need to move.

Gents... this is a time sensitive offer...

I need YOUR help!!!

Help me make my dreams come true and, I guarantee... I will definitely make YOURS come true!!!




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