Wanna Know What's On My Mind???

A Wake Up Call For ALL!!!

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If you have been checking out BP the last few months, you've noticed the changes in how the ads are posted. Back Page is about to go belly up. Once that happens, other sites will be quick to follow.

Did you realize that there is a bill about to be passed that would allow law enforcement to charge a person with felony sex trafficking whether they're posting an ad or replying to an ad. You don't even have to book a date... just the mere fact that you posted or replied to an ad is enough to get you arrested!


Just because a site has offshore accounts... that doesn't mean jack!

Law enforcement will be going after the ones posting ads and those who reply to the ads.

Twitter, Instagram, snapchat, Facebook, ect, ect, ect are ALL at risk for the same thing!

Be careful out there!!!

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For Inquiring Minds Who Want To Know...

Hey gents,

I apologize for being more or less MIA these past few weeks. I've really been focusing on my personal life and civvy job but, I still manage to keep myself in the loop with all the changes taking place in the crazy world of adult entertainment. 

BackPage has become almost impossible for ladies to advertise on. They've changed their whole format and way of doing things. This has put a lot of ladies in a very stressful position. BP now requires phone numbers on all ads. Ladies, like myself... who have refused to put their numbers out there are now being forced to. 

It's making quite a few very uncomfortable. 

I'm really glad that I have chosen this time to take a hiatus from the biz. It's becoming so dangerous out there for a lady!

Other sites besides BP...



Skip the Games

My Provider Guide

I would advice to use caution when looking at the scraper sites like Escort Babylon, Erotic Monkey and Adult Search... the reviews that are posted on there are 99% fake and, you really never know who's real, who's still in the biz (as, they jack ads from BP and recycle them all the time) and, who wont rip you off!

Be careful out there gents!!! 

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Happy Thanksgiving All!!! Things That I Am Thankful For!

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A safe roof over my head

A kitchen to cook in

Plenty of food and drink

Cable T.V. with internet

Minutes on my phone

A warm comfortable bed to sleep in at night

Hot water to bathe

A decent paying job that I love

A little money in my pocket

My immediate bills are caught up

Half a tank of gas in my car

The ability to care for someone else

My improving health & well being

Compassionate & caring people in my life


Being that I was so close to homelessness…

I am so thankful that things have worked out the way they did and, that I am able to take the time to give thanks for all the little things that make this life of mine bearable!!!


I'm thankful that I'm not homeless, I'm not cold or hungry, I'm warm and safe in a nice little house on a nice little street. I have food to cook and someone to eat with me. I'm not alone this Thanksgiving!!! I am truly thankful for that!!!


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Hello Gents...

Just popping in for a few minutes...

I'm still taking a break from being an erotic pleasure companion but, I wanted to let ya'll know (lol) that I'm still alive and kicking!

Besides working my civvy job, I've also taken on a position as a full time/live in care companion for an elderly gentleman (83 yrs old).

I get to stay/live in a really cute brick rancher w/ attached garage that doubles as a laundry room. I have the master bedroom and, there's tons of space for all my belongings. I have full run of the household and, take care of all the chores... cooking, cleaning, shopping, laundry, and personal hygiene. I make sure that he takes his meds like he's supposed to and, keep him in as much comfort as possible.

There is no sex work involved at all!

Thank goodness I have my pink bunny!!! (lol)

Until Next Time!!! 



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