Wanna Know What's On My Mind???

Women Seeking Men on Back Page!

This seems to be the new section where most of the paid companions are flocking to since Back Page has had their entire adult section censored by the Federal Government. We have to be a little more careful on what we write in our ads and choose our words carefully in order for it not to be flagged for removal.

I placed an in the women seeking men the very night that BP adult section was shut down to see if it would go live. It did and, still remains; although, I haven't re-upped it as of yet. It looks like all the other ladies are catching on pretty quick as well.

The only downside (other than how long before it gets shut down as well) is that a lot of the guys that are replying to the ladies are trying for free hook ups. Because the ladies aren't posting in the "Escort" section, there are guys that are thinking that they are just offering casual "free" sex. Not the case!!!

It is going to be more work and more frustration weeding out the guys who are cheap, time wasters, and sleaze balls! And, believe me gentlemen... there are quite a few of them out there!

I'm proud to hold myself to a higher standard than some and, only see nice, well mannered respectable and generous gentlemen who appreciate my professionalism and standards.

For my returning friends... muhwahhhhh!!!! I'm back babies... if, only for a little while!!! Lol!!!


Until Next Time!!!


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Oh My!!! Back Page has been shut down by the Feds!

Well, it has finally happened! We all knew that it was just a matter of time! A lot of ladies are frantic! They are worried of how they will be able to reach potential clients. For the smarter and more seasoned ladies... this is just a stumbling block which can easily be overcome.

While BP may have been the most popular and viewed escort sites, there are still plenty of other options for advertising. Lol... where there is a will, there's a way! Escorts will prevail! It's not "the oldest profession' in the world for a reason! Where there are men looking for a safe and discrete alternative to having a messy affair, there will always be ladies ready to accommodate!

Be safe! Stick with reputable escorts (lol... like myself) who have been reviewed and verified!

Kisses to ALL!

BTW... for those who have my cell number and, may have been trying to reach me by phone... I will have my phone back up and running later this afternoon! 

Until Next Time!!!


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Ohhhh... The Weather Outside is Frightful...

But, in here it's so delightful!!! Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

What a perfect day to get all tangled up in the sheets! :-)

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Cold Days Are Upon Us! Perfect For Cuddling and...

other sexy things. 2 bodies creating friction by moving together as one building up the heat till our bodies begin to glisten with the sweat of erotic bliss! Oooohhhh... That sounds fun! :-)


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