Wanna Know What's On My Mind???

Making SomeChanges to My Scheduling!!!


So, I have been getting requests about coming to the different areas here in TN.

I've decided to start touring once again.

Starting Monday... I will be going to each city for 2 days... a third if warranted! Lol!

On my list will be...

Nashville (Brentwood, Mt. Juliet, Lebanon) Check with me for availability and area

Tri Cities (Morristown, Johnson City)


I will be posting on the BP (W4M), TER, ECCIE, & SouthernGFE

Ads will be placed 2 days in advance of my arrival.

I look forward to seeing old friends and making some new ones!!!



Tri Cities... 01/23 - 01/25
Knoxville... 01/25 - 01/26
Chattanooga... 01/26 - 01/28
Knoxville...      01/28 - 01/30
Nashville...     01/30 - 02/01
Please check for availability and location

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Back Home In Knoxville!!!

Well... the drive to Brentwood was horrendous to say the least! The weather was absolutely terrible. It was raining but, not a hard rain... No, it was a misty foggy rain. It was so bad that, I couldn't see the road 20 feet in front of me! Ugh!!! What normally takes me about 2 1/2 hrs to drive... took me almost 3 1/2 hours! I was so glad to finally reach Brentwood!

I had my date with a very sweet & generous repeating friend. He is such a doll! Ohhhh BTW...  If your reading this... I sent you an email letting you know that you forgot your glasses! I have them for safe keeping to give back to you the next time we meet! :-)

Spent the rest of the night soaking in a hot tub, ordered some pizza and, watched Fox News! (lol)

This morning I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed... I had a late morning appointment with one of my favorites who always does his best to make time to see me when I'm in town! (Big wet sloppy kisses out to him). We had just finished when the hotel staff knocked on the door wanting to come in and spray the room for bugs... WTH??? I had told them the night before and even earlier this morning that I would be checking out late. The guy was like... uh... it'll only take a minute! I told him (thru the door) that there was no way he was coming in. That he would have to wait at least 15 or 20 minutes because I had just gotten out of the shower! (wink - wink)! I could hear him mumble thru the door... "this is bullshit" I just laughed cause it wasn't happening! My sweet friend stuck…

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Brentwood TN 01/19/2017

I'm taking a trip to Brentwood tomorrow but, will only be spending the night.

Guys... with all the chaos that has been created with BP shutting down the "Escort Section" and, having to move my ads to the "W4M Section" I have to tell you... I'm about as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

I've been getting replies to my ads but, most of the replies I have gotten have either been guys looking for free hook ups or refuse to be properly screened.

It's really scary right now!

I'll admit... I'm scared to death to book anyone new!

But, I will do my very best to accommodate any of the gents that I have shared time with in the past!

If, we haven't seen each other in awhile... now is the time to reconnect! Lol!



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For New Potential Friends and a Reminder to Old Friends... Please read this!!!

For the gentleman that is contacting me for the first time... I implore you to read this blog entry!!!

I know that ever since the whole "Ashly Madison" debacle, that many men are afraid of providing their RWI (Real World Information) for the screening process that "reputable" escorts/providers request. They are afraid that a provider will try to use this information to either blackmail or out them in some manor!

This is about as far away from the reality of why we screen as you can get!!!

The ONLY reason a REPUTABLE escort wants your RWI information is to ensure that you are not law enforcement, a violent predator, or a crazy stalker!!!

I know you think that you have a lot to loose but, "Us Ladies" really do have much more to loose!

Here is an excerpt from a lady describing what happened to her after being arrested and the effect that it has had on her life since being charged with prostitution... Her name and location are not mentioned for her privacy!!!

"My arrest was very, very traumatic. I am not the type of woman who ever had an experience with law enforcement. I haven`t even had a traffic violation since 2002.

After my arrest, I had severe PTSD and am still very, very afraid of law enforcement. If you all knew me in real life, you`d know this is bizarre. I am a force of nature. I lost my phone which cost upwards of $500 to replace. I had to pay my attorney over $2K. My credit was totally destroyed when I just let credit card bills pile up. I was too afraid to work. I nearly got evicted. My student loans went into default. Now I fully admit that these things were MY responsibility and that I

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