Wanna Know What's On My Mind???

So Much More Than Meets The Eye… A Glimpse of Reality in a Business Built on Fantasy!!!

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A woman who chose to be a "Pleasure Companion" later in life…

At 48 years old, I made a desperate decision based on my need for immediate financial  assistance.

My college education provided me with nothing more than additional monetary burdens.

Divorced, living on my own with just my one kitty cat… I knew I had to do something!

I've always been sexually promiscuous to an extent… Always willing to try new things but, at the same time, feeling self conscious and shy. I was brought up to believe that if, a woman desired anything other than normal (missionary style) sex that, she was a deviant, had no morals or self respect for herself. To masturbate… that was something done in a private and secure setting where no one would see. I started masturbating at the age of 14… (lol) I got pretty creative with ways of accomplishing that feeling of extreme pleasure from climaxing.

When, I finally began dating… I knew what I wanted but, good girls didn't go all the way or, even half way back then. It was a very frustrating time in my life. When, I finally met my first love… we were a perfect match! He was a willing and enthusiastic partner in trying new things. We tried all kinds of crazy things… never EVER put BenGay on/or around your genitalia!!! I was all of 18 years old when we tried that! OMG!!! Worse pain ever!!! I became pregnant at a early age… I was 19 when I delivered my son.

The marriage although fueled by passion quickly descended into a a smothering overwhelming deluge of resentment. I loved my son but, the love I had for his father turned to bitterness and betrayal. I

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Happy Wednesday My Deviant Darlings…

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Yes, it's hump day… half way thru another week.

 It's getting closer and closer to my moving date. I am so anxious to make the move.

I'm going to be in Lebanon this coming Saturday and, traveling the surrounding areas in search of the perfect apartment! It's been awhile since, I've had my OWN place and, I want to make sure that where I move, fits my taste and requirements!

First thing… a full sized kitchen with lots of cabinet & countertop space!

An oversized sized living-room would be nice!

Of course a large bedroom!!! ;-)

And, a large bathroom would be nice as well.

I also want a balcony or a private patio for sitting outside on cool spring mornings, hot summer days, and, chilly winter nights. After spending so much time in hotels and a shared apartment, I miss having my own place. There will also be a new addition… new to some but, others may remember "J.J." My beloved feline of over 10 years. He has been staying with my grandkids and, I desperately want him back home with me. He doesn't really have many years left and, I want to make them as peaceful and relaxed as they can be for him (lol… and, myself). He has traveled with me from Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, and back to Tennessee. I'm looking forward to having him curled up in my lap on those times that I find myself alone. Things have settled down here in my current state of crisis! (another lol) My roommate and myself have come to a truce… as, much as any truce can be. I am still trying to move out of here as fast as humanly possible but, it's nice to know that when I walk in from work that, I wont…

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I Need YOUR Help!!!

It's Monday… Another day closer to getting moved to Nashville.

Today… I was supposed to have a doctors appointment regarding my surgeries… unfortunately, with the events that have taken place over the course of a week… I had to cancel the appointment.

I am really bummed out about that!

But, I am so ready for change! I'm ready for a new place to live, a home of my own!

I miss being able to do whatever I want, whenever I want.

I miss having my own kitchen, my own bathroom and, my own living-room!


Gents… I have 3 weeks to get the money together to move. Sooner if, at all possible!

I need your help!!! I need a minimum of $1,500.00 to move… that will cover first months rent and security deposit, getting the lights turned on and, cable/internet… gotta have internet!!!


So far… I have about $400.00 towards it and, an additional $300 from future earnings from my civvy job in the weeks before I am to leave. That still leaves $800.00 to come up with in a short time. I need some of my generous gentlemen to step up and help me out! Believe me… I will gladly show my appreciation in ways that will make your toes curl!!! I do not expect something for nothing!


I hate sounding desperate… something, I despise being! But, I am! I already have my transfer in place with more than enough civvy clients in my legit job to make it once I'm in Nashville… I just have to get there.


If, just a few of you can…

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Good Bye September!!!

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Summer is gone... the crisp chill of the fall air is apparent in the wee hours of the morning... It wont be long until the temperatures cool off during the afternoon hours as well. Leaves are falling everywhere, pumpkins sitting on door steps, hay rides and corn mazes abound! Lawwwwwddddd... I love this time of year!

So ready for some cozy cuddling... Can't wait until I get in my new place.... wherever, (lol) that may be!


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