Wanna Know What's On My Mind???

Marietta GA 09/19 - 09/21

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Oh boyzzzzzz!!! (lol)

Just posted an ad in NW GA for Marietta... tweeted a tweet!

Here's hoping for a great response!!!


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Can YOU smell it? Fall is in the air!!!

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My favorite time of the year. The temperatures are falling, the leaves are turning, the days are getting shorter... making way for the long night to come.

I've always loved the fall! Even as a small child, some of my fondest memories were of piling all the fallen leaves into a big pile and jumping in them. Fall brought the excitement of the holidays... Halloween, Thanksgiving, and of course Christmas. As an adult... the changing of the seasons have always brought the promise of change. I've been through a lot of changes over the years... To quote a David Bowie song... "Time can change me, but, I can't change time".

Thinking of taking a short trip next week or the week after....

Hmmmmm... possibly Marietta??? I'm still mulling it over in my head! Lol!

Well... time to get off here and get my day going!!!

Until next time...





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Wildfires, Hurricanes, Earthquakes...And, (lol) My Birthday! What's next?

Damn... what a time to be celebrating another year above ground! To think... I almost moved down to Florida just a few months ago! I have been stressing out and worried sick about all my friends down in South Florida! I can only hope that those who have decided to stay and ride Irma out will be ok.

My Nashville (Franklin) trip was amazing!!! I had such a wonderful time with the gentlemen that I was able to share some time with. I got to see some returning friends and, had a chance to meet a new friend.

Lol... next trip... I will definitely have to bring the sex wax I received as a gift and make sure that myself and the special gent who gave it to me as a gift get to try it out!!!

Depending on what this crazy weather is going to do... I'm thinking about making a short trip to either Marietta GA or Charlotte NC. But, as mentioned... it all depends on the weather.

I'll know better as the week progresses!!!

Until next time... I hope every one stays safe and dry!!!

To my friends in South Florida (actually, all of Florida)... Please take care and know that my thoughts and prayers are with you all!



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Annnnnddddd... Today's Topic Is: There's not another quite like me!!!

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I am an original... one of a kind! Some of the things that I say and do may remind you of someone else from time to time but... there is just one of me!!! 

 Why am I so picky when it comes to agreeing to share time with a gentleman? Because, this is more than just a way to make money to me!!! After doing this for almost 4 years now... I can honestly say... I still love what I do! It's like an addiction... I may quite possibly be an undiagnosed sex addict for all I know! But, I really don't know if you could actually put a label on it. I mean... it's just not the physical part... if, it were as simple as that, I could take care of myself "myself". I know my own body better than anyone. No, for me... it goes deeper... It's not just the sex. It’s the whole experience. From placing my ad... right up until we say our parting ado's.  

 When, I place an ad, I want to make sure that I am attracting the type of gentlemen that I would want to share time with. After all... we are going to be sharing a very romantic and intimate encounter with one another. I write content that is meant to fire up your imagination, get you thinking about what it would be like to be with a lady like myself. I put suggestive pics in my ads but, never too revealing! Once again... to get you to think about me. Please understand that for safety and privacy reasons, I never use a full face pic. I, do after all have a life outside of being a "Pleasure Companion" and, unfortunately,

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