Wanna Know What's On My Mind???

Sooooooo Looking Forward to My Move!!!

I've been looking online at apartments and, next weekend, I am planning on a weekend trip to the outlaying areas of Nashville. My civvy job is ready and waiting for me as, soon as I can get out there! I'm definitely looking forward to a fresh start in my own little place!!!


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Feeling Down In The Dumps & Pissed Off At The Same Time!!!

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The past week has been one of the most stressful weeks that I have endured in a really long time but, in the midst... a couple of bright shiny days with a couple of amazing dates with some very sexy gentlemen also ensued! The highs and lows have been so extreme. 

I had some great dates... met some really upstanding gentlemen... received some wonderful gifts. And, then, one by one things started to spiral out of control! 

One of the guys who I had an amazing time with turned out to be such a total disappointment just a few short days later! (GimpyGuy) He brought out something in me that, I have rarely experienced in this business... anger and contempt for a client ( I only use the term client for those I know I will never see again) The term friends are reserved for the gentlemen who respect and appreciate me for who I am!!! His actions over the past few days went from being a stand up lonely kind of guy that really needed some pampering and affection to a petty instigating drama inciting hound!!! And, in turn started a major argument with my roommate! And, not only did he start a whole lot of drama... when, I informed him that I would not see him again... he then texted my roommate and, spewed a bunch of garbage which, in turn has now got not only my roommate pissed at me but, her boyfriend as well.

To my roommate...

We have known each other almost 4 years... why would you think that after all this time, I would pick now... with this guy to tell him that your boyfriend is jealous and wouldn't take kindly to this guy seeing you? After all the different gentlemen that we

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What A Long Weekend It Was!!!

Got sick as a dog down in Marietta with one of the worst head colds I've had in a long time... spent the entire weekend in bed (all alone) with no air conditioning. Had a confrontation with my roommate... (not good) and, have decided that from now on... I will no longer see local gents from the Knoxville area that I have seen in the past. I have my reasons and, there are some of you reading this who know exactly why!

Also, I'm getting ready to move at the beginning of November... good news for some... (lol) better news for me!!! ;-)

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Times Are A Changing & So Am I... I Just Keep Getting Better With Age!!! LMBO!!!

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Wow... It's so hard to believe that next month makes my 4 year anniversary since becoming a "Pleasure Companion".

I've had so many wonderful times and, I have learned so many things!!!

I've decided that since I am working a full time legit job that, it was time for a change and how I conduct my companion side of things. For most of my gentlemen, this isn't a big deal as you normally book at least 2 hour sessions with me anyway... but, for new gentlemen friends... I have decided that I will only offer a minimum of a 2 hour session. Lol... there is a method to my madness!!! :-)

By me doing away with the 60 minute session... it leaves me more time to focus on the gentlemen that are appreciative of the time we share together.

Gentlemen... I'm not a lady that you can come and see for a quickie on your lunch break or, a quick visit on your way into or home from work. Noooooooooo!!!! (lol).

I want our time together to be something that you look forward to and anticipate as much as I do. Taking the time to fully explore one another... pick my brain and I'll pick yours! (another lol). You'll see that I'm pretty much the same in person as I am online... A sweet gentleman referred to my writing style (and, I hope that I remembered it correctly) as a conscience stream writer... I write from the heart with a genuine love for expressing my thoughts in written form! 

I want you to feel completely at ease with me and, be able to leave all your worries at the door... let me pamper you with the attention and affection that you so desire! I love doing it!!! It comes so naturally for me to…

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