Manners, Maturity & Respect Go a Long Way

                                               *** Please note the following ***

                I Am No Longer Located in Knoxville TN

               I Am Now Located in Nashville TN

I am so pleased that you have come to my website!  

I created my site for a few reasons... 

  1. To provide you with the opportunity to learn a little about myself 

  2. To provide you with the opportunity to decide if, I am a lady that you would like to share time with. 

  3. To determine if we are a suitable match. 

  4. And, general information regarding length of sessions and amount of required donations. 


    There are many ladies to choose from... 

        Each one unique in their own way... 

            I am a "Pleasure Companion" by "choice not by necessity". 


I enjoy our encounters as much as you do! (lol) Some would say even more! (wink – wink) 

But, please understand, in order to be completely at ease myself... I must be certain that you are a safe, respectable gentleman. 

Please be respectful of my age preference! I only cater to gentlemen 45 and up! It's awkward for me when younger gentlemen contact myself because, I hate having to turn them down and, feel bad when they persist to the point that I just ignore them. 


 For screening purposes to ensure my safety and well-being... I ask the following questions: 

Your full name including middle initial. 

Your age. 

A valid telephone number. Not Google voice or any other phone masking app. 

I realize that some gentlemen may be hesitant providing their real names and phone numbers but, I ask that you put yourself in my position for just a moment... I have just as much if, not more to lose in the event that I agree to share time with someone who has ill intentions towards myself whether, it be of a legal, mental or, physical nature. We've all read the headlines and, what can potentially happen to a lady who engages in the world of adult entertainment. 

You can rest assured that any information that you provide me is only for the sole use of verifying that you are a safe, sane, and legit. 

I never call the number that you provide. I only check it with a public national database to ensure that it matches the name that you provide. 

Discretion is a top priority for myself second only to your immense pleasure! 

I look forward to hearing from you!!!